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2017-2018 Season Cost

The cost break down for each team is as follows:
Volleybees (Grades K-4) Sunday 12:00-1:30, Monday 5:00-6:30
Volleystars (Grades 5-8) Sunday 3:00-4:30, Wednesday 5:00-6:30:
Two Sessions Available
Session 1 - 11/29-2/11
Session 2 - 2/21-4/25
$200 member fee per session 
Discounted Price (Only one discount allowed)
$300 if you sign up for both sessions
$50 sibling discount per session 
Aspire Teams
10s: $500 member fee
11s: $700 member fee
12s: $1,000 member fee
13s: $1,400 member fee
14-18s: $1,800 member fee
National Teams:
13 Black: $1,600 member fee plus travel fees
14-17 Black/Red: $2,500 member fee plus travel fees
18 Black: $1,800 member fee plus travel fees
(Travel fees will be posted for each tournament and payment will be due when invoiced)

For Aspire teams, the price is all-inclusive and covers gym rental, coaching, equipment, tournament entry fees, and the uniform kit (2 jerseys, spandex, kneepads, socks, and warmups). Parents are responsible for getting their daughters to and from practices and tournaments. The base member fee, for all teams, is due upon accepting a spot on a team. For convenience, we offer the ability to split the fee into multiple payments (other payment plans are available on an as need basis).

For National teams, in addition to the base member cost, athletes must purchase their uniform (4 long sleeve jerseys, warmups, a Downstate bag, and they must have black shoes) and pay for 3-6 travel tournaments.  The uniform kit will be approximately $325 - if the same uniform is being used, returning players will be able to use the uniform from the previous year if they choose. Last season, the travel cost, per player, ranged from $1,800 to $3,800 - the total travel expense varies based on the exact schedule for each team.

All National member fees are due up front when you commit to the team. Travel costs will be invoiced for each tournament. These travel costs include hotel rooms for players, coaches, and chaperones, parking, tournament entry fees, etc. There will be a cost breakdown for each tournament available on the website closer to the tournament date. To look at past tournament costs, visit our travel payments tab on the home page. National team athletes will also need to purchase their uniform upon acceptance. For convenience, we offer the ability to split the fee into multiple payments (other payment plans are available on an as need basis).

Program Descriptions

Downstate offers three levels of teams and training opportunities: National, Aspire, and VolleyBees.

For many years now, the majority of the players receiving Section 1 High School post-season recognition (like All Section and Super 70), have played for Downstate! If you want to be counted among the best, come play with the best at Downstate Juniors!


VolleyBees: The Downstate's VolleyBees program is designed to introduce the game of volleyball to young athletes ages 4 to 10.  The primary focus of VolleyBees is to have fun! While participating in a fun and active environment, these young athletes will be learning the game of volleyball while mastering body mechanics and motor control. Many of our current players started in the VolleyBees program!


Aspire Teams: Downstate's Aspire program is designed for those athletes that enjoy the training, and camaraderie of team sports. These are often athletes that are seeking to make a high school team, or want to improve their skills to be more of an impact player on their team. Aspire teams practice two days a week for 1.5 hours each and compete in up to 8 single day "club" level tournaments in our region (exact number of tournaments varies by age and availability). While players are still expected at practices and tournaments, it's a more relaxed environment than our high level National teams. We run Aspire teams from multiple locations, including the Downstate Athletic Center in Peekskill, Fox Lane High School, in Bedford, and The Masters School, in Dobbs Ferry (limited teams and age groups at the high schools).


National Teams: Downstate's National teams are designed for those athletes that have a desire to eventually play in college; and, for those that want the highest possible level of training and competition! Our National team head coaches (generally 2 coaches per team) are some of the best coaches in the northeast, and most of them are current and former college coaches, very successful high school coaches, or have played and coached the game at the highest levels. Our National teams practice 4 to 6 hours a week at our dedicated facility, the Downstate Athletic Center, in Peekskill. They will play in 9-12 tournaments during the season (of which 3-6 are generally multi-day events with overnight travel involved); and, the teams are among the best teams in the region across all age groups. National teams require a high level of dedication and commitment to be the best of the best! One of the goals of our National teams is to win the "Open" GEVA Regional Championship and to qualify for USA Volleyball's Junior National Championships. Downstate has qualified teams to compete in the National championships every year since 2005! Most athletes that play on the best teams with Downstate, throughout their club careers, end up getting offers to play at the collegiate level.

The Role of a Team's Parent Liaison

Describes the role and responsibilities of a Team's Parent Liaison.

Chaperone Guidelines for Overnight Trips

Helpful tips and guidelines to help with the responsibilities of being a chaperone on a multi-day, overnight tournament trip.

Chaperone Guidelines for Day Trips

Helpful tips and guidelines to help with the responsibilities of being a chaperone for a 1-day tournament with no overnight travel involved.